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Iraqi Children Foundation, safeguarding Iraq's future generations 

For millions of people around the world, the welfare of Iraqi children is key to safeguarding the future peace and stability of Iraq. In this exclusive interview, Hussein Al-alak talks to Mohammed Khudairi, of the US based Iraqi Children Foundation, about their ongoing efforts in Iraq. 

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Read All About It! The humble book is helping rebuild lives in Iraq 

To mark World Book Day, the UK-based charity, the AMAR International Charitable Foundation published these photographs from their school in Basra, Iraq. Each uplifting image demonstrates how AMAR is making positive changes to the lives of Iraqi children, through the power of the written word. 

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Iraq Solidarity supports creation of Yezidi genocide museum 

I would like to applaud Iraq’s Yezidi’s, for their plans to establish a museum in Iraq, that documents the crimes of ISIS. The Islamic State in Iraq, was made up of Jihadists from around the world and included a known 800 people, from across the UK. 

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Seeking solutions, overcoming PTSD and drug addiction in Iraq 

Those vulnerable to drug abuse and those experiencing drug addictions, are people living with conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - where extreme acts of violence and isolation due to instability - has left people turning to substances to "numb" the pain of conflict. 

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Supporting the vulnerable, reaching out to the children of Iraq 

The following interview was conducted by Hussein Al-alak, with Cindy Fogleman of the Iraqi Children Foundation. The ICF is a US based charity, whose work takes a long term approach and seeks lasting solutions to support Iraq's orphans, street kids and displaced children. By providing a range of services in Iraq, ICF intervenes in the lives of children - who are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation. 

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AMAR Foundation, providing trauma care to 35.000 Yazidis 

Among its projects, AMAR launched it's Bazwaya Health Centre in early 2018 - which now serves a minimum of 15.000 people in Mosul and later on this year, will also open the doors to it's new maternity and paediatric hospital in Basra. Baroness Emma Nicholson - AMAR's chairperson - described how through Escaping Darkness, the charity now provides specialist trauma care to 35.000 members of Iraq's Yazidi community. 

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Baroness Emma Nicholson gives support to AMAR on the Manchester 10K 

Baroness Emma Nicholson, chairperson of the AMAR Foundation and member of the House of Lords, has given her support for Hussein Al-alak, ahead of the Manchester 10K. Hussein is running to aid the work of AMAR in Iraq. The charity was founded by Britain's Baroness Nicholson twenty-five years ago. 

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Welfare, healthcare and education. Support AMAR on the Manchester 10K 

On Sunday 20th May, supporters of the British based AMAR Foundation, are taking to the streets of Manchester and are joining the city’s 10K run, in aid of AMAR’s efforts across Iraq. Founded 25 years ago by Baroness Emma Nicholson, the AMAR Foundation has grown into a dynamic organisation, whose work has seen the organisation play a leading role in supporting the Iraqi people. 

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Manchester man set to ‘run’ for AMAR 

Like most competitors, Manchester’s Hussein Al-Alak has his own unique training routine for the Manchester 10k. While not a serious athlete as such – “I like to walk, a fast walk,” he says – Hussein is deadly serious about helping make a difference in Iraq. Although Manchester-born, Hussein’s family hails from Iraq, fleeing the country with the outbreak of war imminent under dictator Saddam Hussein. 

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UK to Iraq Christmas Appeal for the AMAR Foundation 

Throughout December, we would like you to join us in celebration of an Iraqi Christmas and invite you to make a festive donation, to assist the fantastic work of the AMAR Foundation. For 25 years, AMAR has been on the front line inside of Iraq and has supported the Iraqi people, by sharing AMAR's long term vision for Iraq. 

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The spirit of Christmas is Iraq's past, present and future 

Should anyone ever ask why Christmas is important to the unity of Iraq, please recall each act of ISIS since 2014 and remind them of what Charles Dickens stated in a Christmas Carol: “I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present and the Future. The spirits of all three shall strive within me.’ 

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"I am with you". Christmas returns to Iraq 

The first Christmas Eve Mass was held held in Mosul on Sunday 24th December 2017. This truly historic day marked the preparations for Christmas Day, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem 2000 years ago. For Iraqi Christians, it also marked their first Christmas since the fall of Islamic State. As Jesus once stated; "know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time." 

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The Russian Revolution and the rights of Iraqi women 

Naziha was a pioneer of the Iraqi feminist movement, was the first president of the Iraqi Women’s League and the first female Government minister in Iraq’s modern history, along with the being the first female cabinet member in the Arab world. 

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What next for Iraqi Higher Education? 

UNICEF estimates that 65% of girls under 15 are not attending school (2017). Given that there are around 19 million young people in Iraq - 50% of the population - this is a critical situation. But, as many will know, it hasn’t always been like this. Iraq has a scholarly heritage anchored in the achievements of ancient Mesopotamia - the ‘cradle of civilisation’, and innovations of the ‘golden’ Islamic era. 

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Securing the future with AMAR in Iraq 

In case anyone missed this, work is almost complete on the AMAR International Charitable Foundation’s latest project, where they are expecting this new Secondary School in Basra, to begin teaching over 500 students in October. 

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Through Art, Visions of Iraq 

According to the British Association of Art Therapists; “Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of expression and communication. Art therapists work with children, young people, adults and the elderly.” 

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Build the Future and #InvestInIraq 

Today, 3.3 million Iraq’s (approximately 10% of the total population) are displaced within the country. Families have been forced to flee their homes, communities, and livelihoods to seek solace in sprawling camps and other temporary accommodations.

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Saving ancient Christian cultures…one story at a time 

Faced with persecution at the hands of ISIS, more than a decade of war, and generations of economic struggle, these researchers are looking to record the memories and traditions of the Christian communities of Iraq before they are lost forever.

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The Jiyan Foundation, Supporting Survivors of ISIS Terror in Iraq 

The team of the Jiyan Foundation works hard to provide physical and psychological care for survivors of ISIS atrocities. At our rehabilitation centers, 100 medical doctors, psychologists and trauma therapists offer treatment and a place to heal. 

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Before and After, with Imprint of Hope in Iraq 

Here are the before and after pictures, taken by our friends at Imprint of Hope, who have completed yet more fantastic street art in Iraq. Taking over 16 hours to complete, these pictures show how Imprint Of Hope, have turned these dank and violent looking blast walls, into rich canvases filled with colour and life. 

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Imprint of Hope Are Making Iraq Great and Beautiful 

Yellow, blue, red, green, children’s faces, women wearing traditional dress and clasping hands. Baghdad is making herself beautiful. Or rather, it is a group of young Iraqi volunteers who are making her beautiful. 

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On the Road to Reconstruction with Imprint of Hope 

Since it was founded, Imprint of Hope has painted hundreds of blast walls across Baghdad. It has swelled to more than 370 volunteers from a range of backgrounds, including students, carpenters, iron-smiths, artists and doctors. 

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Imprinting Hope Across Iraq 

On the road to reconstruction in Baghdad, with volunteer teams from the Imprint of Hope organisation, who have spent over 15 days, doing up the replica Assyrian city gate and the land surrounding it. 

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Fight Cancer with the AMAR Foundation 

According to the AMAR Foundation, “the children are battling some terrible cancers but they are all amazingly resilient despite the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We could do so much for them if we could raise more funds.”

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Iraqi Women Mobilise in Valentines Solidarity 

I was delighted to see, that for Valentines Day 2017, delegates from the Iraqi Women’s League visited the diocese of Alqosh in Iraq, where they distributed gifts, in the Valentines spirit of love and solidarity.

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Demand Grows for Perspective in Iraq 

While many now debate a post-ISIS Iraq, what is actually being faced, is a period which echoes Britain and Europe in the wake of World Wars One and Two. Stating that A Welfare State is life after the Mosul Ops, it was not until after the Second World War that the British Welfare state took form. 

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Support AMAR by #EscapingDarkness 

The success of the programme – called Escaping Darkness – has meant AMAR has found the need to expand its services across Iraq. New centres are to be opened across Iraq, with further facilities providing mental health care opening this year, in Kurdistan, Baghdad, Babil and Najaf.

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The AMAR Foundation has been providing vital mental health treatment for many hundreds of Yazidi Women who have escaped from Daesh (ISIS) captivity. Thousands are still being held, but those that have managed to escape have returned, understandably traumatised by their terrible ordeals.

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Building Football Dreams in Iraq 

Former members of Iraq’s national football team joined star league players, local dignitaries and politicians, at the opening of new community pitches in the south of Iraq.

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Scores of young Iraqis are now receiving top class football coaching and have the use of state-of-the-art all-weather pitches thanks to a joint project between AMAR, the Rumailah Operating Organisation (ROO) and Iraq’s Southern Oil Company (SOC). 

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“Daesh [ISIS] soldiers constantly used to pull out clumps of my son’s hair,” says Nadiya, speaking about her eighteen-month-old son Ali from a hospital bed in Northern Iraq. “It was just for amusement, they thought it was really funny. Now he is absolutely terrified of men.” 

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