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Fight Cancer with the AMAR Foundation 

According to the AMAR Foundation, “the children are battling some terrible cancers but they are all amazingly resilient despite the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We could do so much for them if we could raise more funds.”

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Iraqi Women Mobilise in Valentines Solidarity 

I was delighted to see, that for Valentines Day 2017, delegates from the Iraqi Women’s League visited the diocese of Alqosh in Iraq, where they distributed gifts, in the Valentines spirit of love and solidarity.

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Demand Grows for Perspective in Iraq 

While many now debate a post-ISIS Iraq, what is actually being faced, is a period which echoes Britain and Europe in the wake of World Wars One and Two. Stating that A Welfare State is life after the Mosul Ops, it was not until after the Second World War that the British Welfare state took form. 

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Support AMAR by #EscapingDarkness 

The success of the programme – called Escaping Darkness – has meant AMAR has found the need to expand its services across Iraq. New centres are to be opened across Iraq, with further facilities providing mental health care opening this year, in Kurdistan, Baghdad, Babil and Najaf.

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The AMAR Foundation has been providing vital mental health treatment for many hundreds of Yazidi Women who have escaped from Daesh (ISIS) captivity. Thousands are still being held, but those that have managed to escape have returned, understandably traumatised by their terrible ordeals.

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Building Football Dreams in Iraq 

Former members of Iraq’s national football team joined star league players, local dignitaries and politicians, at the opening of new community pitches in the south of Iraq.

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Scores of young Iraqis are now receiving top class football coaching and have the use of state-of-the-art all-weather pitches thanks to a joint project between AMAR, the Rumailah Operating Organisation (ROO) and Iraq’s Southern Oil Company (SOC). 

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“Daesh [ISIS] soldiers constantly used to pull out clumps of my son’s hair,” says Nadiya, speaking about her eighteen-month-old son Ali from a hospital bed in Northern Iraq. “It was just for amusement, they thought it was really funny. Now he is absolutely terrified of men.” 

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