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United Kingdom

The Liverpool Arab Arts Festival delivers arts and community programmes which bring communities together, where people across the North West of England can appreciate the rich diversity of Arab culture on a local and international level. If you've ever been to the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, we'd love to hear about your experiences.

The Wolf of Baghdad is an audio-visual journey through a Jewish family’s memories of their lost Iraqi homeland. Through Iraqi folk songs, powerful imagery and family experiences, Carol Isaacs takes visitors on a journey from London, all the way back to her motherland of Mesopotamia. The Wolf of Baghdad provides an essential insight into the Farhud which took place in Baghdad, on June 1st and 2nd 1941.

Iraqi Women Art and War is a women's community group based in Oxford and was established in 2018. IWAW gives women who have been affected by conflict an opportunity to process their experiences and tell their stories through art. If you've been to any of the public exhibitions by IWAW, please send in your feedback over on Twitter.

Philip Juma specialises in Iraqi cuisine in the heart of the United Kingdom. Iraqi food is arguably the most understated cuisine in London, however, JUMA Kitchen relishes the challenge and opportunity to introduce you to distinctive new flavours. Philip Juma's street-food stand can be found in London's Borough Market and has become a popular destination here in the UK capital.

United States of America 

The Iraqi Children Foundation intervenes in the lives of vulnerable Iraqi kids. Funds raised on the ICF's annual In Their Shoes 5K, help ICF provide orphans and homeless children with access to education, and rescue from the streets and child labour. The In Their Shoes 5K also has a virtual option, where people in other countries can also take part. Are you up for a challenge to aid Iraqi children?

The Arab American National Museum is the world's leading museum devoted to Arab American history and experience. Located in Michigan, the Museum shows visitors the Arab American story through exhibitions and online events.

The American Sephardi Federation preserves and promotes the history, traditions, and rich mosaic culture of the greater Sephardic communities. Along with public and community education, the ASF also run Diarna, who are working digitally to preserve Jewish history across the Middle East and North Africa. The efforts of the American Sephardi Federation and Diarna, provide a unique platform, to the lack of representation in the West, of the MENA regions Jewish communities.

Celebrate your heritage and join the global Loving Day community. Loving Day was inspired by the Loving v. Virginia (1967) U.S. Supreme Court decision which struck down laws forbidding Black and White people from marrying. Richard and Mildred Loving's 1967 fight for justice, has since sparked a global movement where people around the world demonstrate their pride - each and every Loving Day. 

The Chaldean Community Foundation is rooted in Chaldean cultural heritage, serving new Iraqi-Chaldeans to the USA. Since their conception, the CCF has dedicated its efforts to advancing the social, cultural heritage and charity work in the US Chaldean community. Their Breaking Barriers schemes for disabled people, is also deserving of greater media attention and wider public support.

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