Demand Grows for Perspective in Iraq

Iraq’s Christian population has been plummeting for more than a decade. Thousands have fled the country since 2014, with the rise of the Islamic State. 

Kirkuk’s Archbishop Yousif Mirkis, who during a visit to France, has called for an initiative for Iraq, similar to the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe after World War II. 

He said the effort and money Western countries spend in taking in refugees would be more wisely targeted in Iraq and channelled into projects such as building hospitals. 

IOM Shelters Iraqis Displaced by Mosul Operations

Al-Qayara emergency site in Ninewa governorate, Iraq, constructed by IOM in cooperation with the Ministry of Displacement and Migration (MoMD), is now hosting 18,543 individuals (3,224 families), all of whom fled their homes due to military operations in the Mosul corridor. 

Iraq slowly untangles Daesh’s bureaucratic legacy

Bushra Mohammed married two years ago in her hometown of Mosul and bore a child last spring but as far as the Iraqi state is concerned she is single and her son does not exist. Bushra is one of thousands of Iraqis emerging from more than two years of the Daesh terror group rule to find themselves in legal limbo: neither her marriage nor her son’s birth certificate issued by the militants are recognised by the Iraqi government. 

Iraqi refugees brave cold as World Cup ski volunteers

Battling bitterly cold temperatures of minus 15 degrees C (5F) and glacial winds, Raad and Wissam Hadaya, two Iraqi refugees in France, work tirelessly as volunteers for the Nordic combined World Cup in Chaux-Neuve, their way of saying "thank you". 


The findings and recommendations from the AMAR Foundation's high-level conference at Windsor Castle last autumn were debated at an All Party Parliamentary Group on Foreign Affairs’ meeting in the House of Lords last week. The Windsor Castle event was organised to investigate why religious persecution had become the driver for forced migration.