Fight Cancer with the AMAR Foundation

It’s always great news from our friends at the AMAR Foundation, where a number of donations have been made from various companies, in support of the Basra Children’s Hospital, with donations of new equipment and medicines, for children fighting cancer. 

Such donations, are absolutely vital for helping young patients have the best chance of recovery. According to the AMAR Foundation, “the children are battling some terrible cancers but they are all amazingly resilient despite the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We could do so much for them if we could raise more funds.” 

Iraqi teen: “We need to live”

Jihan was severely burned when she was hit by a bombing in Mosul in 2016. “We were all at home,” she explains to members of a Handicap International mobile teams. “The sun was setting, and I’d gone to the kitchen to cook. Our house was hit and a missile exploded just in front of me.” 

She stops talking and shyly invites Diana, Handicap International’s social worker, to go with her to the back of the tent. She then takes off several layers of clothing to reveal parts of her arms, chest and shoulders, all completely burned. 

Iraqi police officers successfully complete IED Defeat course

The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), the Government of Japan and the Ministry of Interior in Iraq held a certification ceremony for fifteen Iraqi police officers who have successfully completed the Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) Defeat Course. 

Iraqi Women Mobilise in Valentines Solidarity

I was delighted to see, that for Valentines Day 2017, delegates from the Iraqi Women’s League visited the diocese of Alqosh in Iraq, where they distributed gifts, in the Valentines spirit of love and solidarity. The gifts were received by those in the Church, who have been playing a central role in supporting Iraqi Christians, who were forcibly displaced by ISIS in 2014. 

Rise in immigrant-owned businesses helps US local economy

Laith Alrubeay parked his truck in front of his eastside Erie market shortly before 8 p.m. on Jan. 25, and immediately got to work. 

The 32-year-old Iraqi native and one of his employees had just returned from Detroit, where they picked up fresh produce from a West Coast food distributor that Alrubeay used to work with in California.