An Educated Future

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), an estimated 750 million adults lack basic reading and writing skills. Of the adults estimated to be illiterate, an estimated 496 million of these are women. 

There are now more illiterate people in the world, than there are people in the European Union, which has an estimated 747 million inhabitants. There are also more illiterate women in the world, than there are people living in the USA. 

In Baghdad, the Iraqi Children Foundation run mobile schools called the Hope Buses. These deliver tutoring, health care and social support to orphans, street kids and displaced children living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods across Baghdad.  

The ICF has two Hope Buses and each are designed to accommodate children. As the world was getting to grips with remote learning during last year's global lockdown, a special message was sent from the International Space Station, to the children on the ICF's Hope Buses. 

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Unknown said…
Well done ! Education is the magic solution against terrorism as it open the horizon to understand the life. Iraq is a real example when education had been of high standard starting from the primary school to universities, Iraqi were organised and civilised and modern