Hussein Al-alak lives in Manchester, England, and is a free-lance journalist and editor of Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra). Hussein's articles have appeared in a number of publications, which include the Iraq Business News, Al-Ahram, Palestine Chronicle and the Jesuit and Friends. 

Hussein also has an interest in photography. His pictures of the Baqa'a Refugee Camp in Jordan formed the Windows into Baqa'a exhibition. Hussein Al-alak's pictures have also been used by the Holy Roman Catholic Church and by aid agencies who offer support for displaced people. 

As a fundraiser, Hussein Al-alak gives special attention to organisations who focus on clinically-proven treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Each year he takes part in the Manchester 10K and the Run Media City 5K for mental health. 

Hussein has fundraised for organisations such as Combat Stress; the ex-forces mental health society, the AMAR Foundation, Aid to the Church in Need and the Iraqi Children Foundation. Other charities Hussein supports includes the Anne Frank Trust and the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. 

He has also helped organise special Easter and Christmas collections for foodbanks in Manchester. Hussein Al-alak is active on Social Media and invites you to join him on the virtual campaign trail. You can also send in any comments, questions or feedback on the content provided on this website. 

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