• January 05, 2017
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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The AMAR Foundation is a British based charity, who since 1991 have been working with displaced people across Iraq. For over quarter of a century, the AMAR Foundation has been at the fore-front of “rebuilding” the lives of some of the most vulnerable people, whilst training and employing local Iraqi’s to lead the way. 

When the crisis broke out in 2014, the AMAR Foundation rose to the many challenges that were being faced, by the entire Iraqi population. As a charity, they continue to support the Iraqi people in area’s often ignored in times of conflict and like with any charity, often rely upon the generosity of the public to carry out their work. 

These points, illustrate some of the thinking behind the AMAR mission inside of Iraq, and demonstrates their long term perspective and commitment to helping the Iraqi people. Further information can also be found on the AMAR Foundation’s website and it doesn’t matter about your location, as AMAR also has an office based in the United States

Thinking to the Future 

Humanitarian crises are rarely short-lived, often continuing for many years. AMAR takes a long term view based on an assessment for recovery from each individual crisis. Where this recovery is not measured in days and weeks, but months and years, AMAR refurbishes and builds facilities to enable the provision of vital services for the affected population such as health and education. 


When disaster strikes, healthcare is one of the most important requirements for any population. Existing services are damaged or destroyed, while the disaster itself results in a large number of people in desperate need of help. AMAR deploys primary healthcare service teams both to treat those wounded as a result of the disaster and to ensure those with chronic conditions or those with more general health problems have access to the right healthcare at the right time. 


Forced from their homes, refugees and internally displaced persons face enormous disturbance to their lives as access to essential services and employment is removed. In such circumstances, and where it is clear that there will not be a quick resumption of services for the affected community, AMAR organises and runs education and vocational training for those in need in order to ensure the immediate humanitarian crisis has as little impact on their long term future as possible. 

Clean Water 

Provision of clean water to communities is a simple, yet significantly beneficial, element of AMAR’s work. AMAR conducts water purification projects within camps for refugees and internally displaced persons, rehabilitates water pumping stations and treatment plants, and provides Reverse Osmosis Units. These projects provide clean, fresh water to tens of thousands of people, drastically reducing ill health among communities. 

Emergency Relief 

When disaster strikes, people are driven from their homes. They may lose loved ones, face violence and torture, hunger and thirst, lose their livelihoods, their houses, and access to even the most basic facilities. AMAR works rapidly to respond to emergencies, delivering services primarily to women and children, but also more widely to refugees, internally displaced persons and other under-served populations. 

Crucially, AMAR includes those not in camps who are often the most vulnerable. These people often miss out on the large-scale international response which is targeted at those camps. AMAR provides these groups with access to clean water, food, sanitation, medical treatment, shelter, blankets and clothing. Importantly AMAR commits to working with these groups on a longer-term basis until assistance is no longer required. This means that AMAR provides on-going support to help communities rebuild their lives and livelihoods.



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