Security forces throw leaflets on Mosul

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence dropped leaflets on the residents of the city of Mosul, in which it confirmed that security forces are at the doors of the city and the day of salvation is soon, pointing out that Radio FM of Mosul will broadcast soon, to give guidance to the people of the city to contribute to their liberation. 

According to the leaflets, the ministry addressed the people of Mosul stressing the need to cooperate with the armed forces stationed at the gates of the city.The ministry asked the people of Mosul to “get away from ISIS”, noting that, “the sons of Mosul city will decide its fate.” 

The ministry confirmed that, “Radio FM of Mosul will begin broadcasting soon, to give important guidance to the safety of the people of Mosul and to contribute to liberation,” calling on people in the city to “carry a small radio with them permanently.” 

It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed on June 27th, that 2015 is the start of Mosul's liberation plans, indicating that the coming days will witness increasing operations.


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