Saying #WeAreN & #No2ISIS in London, UK

You will no doubt be aware of the atrocities taking place in ‪‎Mosul‬ and neighbouring towns in Iraq targeting amongst others, one of the world’s oldest ‪‎Christian‬ communities by the so called Islamic State of ‪‎Iraq‬ and Sham.
Since 10 June the extremist terrorist group have systematically and brutally murdered, raped, kidnapped, summarily executed, tortured and displaced anyone who does not conform to its narrow and violent ideology.
They have also desecrated and destroyed holy sites whether they are places of cultural or religious significance to ‪‎Muslims‬, ‪‎Christians‬, ‪Turkmen‬, Shabak, Sufis and ‪‎Iraqi‬'s in general.
Al-Khoei Foundation in partnership with the ‪Assyrian‬ Orthodox ‪‎Church‬ and the Awareness Foundation would like to invite you to an evening of solidarity and support, bringing together the diverse communities of Iraq to show our concern and condemnation of what is happening to the Christian community and all the diverse communities of Iraq who have been so brutally targeted by ‪‎ISIS‬ and its supporters.
We would be delighted if you can join us.
Date: 9 August 2014
Venue: Al-Khoei Islamic Centre, Chevening Road, ‪‎London‬, NW6 6TN
Time: 7.00-9.00pm


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