• August 02, 2014
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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MORE than 6000 Assyrians marched through Sydney city, Australia, on Saturday in protest against the treament of fellow Christians in Iraq and Syria.
Thoausands packed into Belmore Park from about 10am, where several community leaders made speeches calling on the Australian and other international governments to step in to help those being persecuted overseas.
The protest rally comes as reports emerged of ISIS militants marking Christian homes in Iraq and Syria with a letter 'N', meaning Christian in Arabic.
Protest leaders told the crowd Christians were being given three options: to convert to Islam, pay a religious tax or be executed.
They also told the crowd some were being brutally assaulted and murdered in front of their families. Thousands of protesters wore T-shirts reading #WeAreN, while chanting "we want peace, we want justice" and "save our Christians".
Many waved placards, some reading "stop genocide against our Christians" and "Stop crimes against humanity". Among the speakers at the rally were 11-year-olds Chloe Younan and Nineal Hawel, from Saint Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School in Greenfield Park.
Chloe told the crowd "bad people do bad things because good people let them". "We are here to let the people know of the victims of another silent genocide," she said. "We must ensure justice for those being crushed."
Thousands of protesters then marched down Elizabeth St, through the city to Martin Place, after receiving last-minute approval from the council and police to leave the park.
Police on foot, in cars and motorbikes escorted the large group to Martin Place, blocking traffic for a short time.
by Lia Harris




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