• April 19, 2013
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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Dr. David King has his own remarkable story - not only has he been saving lives at Massachusetts General Hospital - he was at the marathon finish line shortly before the bombs went off. 

“When I walked into the emergency and I saw the first casualties there I felt like I could have been back in Afghanistan... it looked exactly the same,” said Dr. King, a trauma surgeon. 

Dr. David King - an Army reservist and MGH trauma surgeon - thought he had seen the worst serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, until the injuries he saw Monday. But Doctor King wasn't even on duty Monday. 

He was running the marathon. He had finished - and was heading home with his family when he got a text about the bombing. With tired muscles - he went right to MGH. 

“Within about 90 seconds of arriving, I was taking the first patient into surgery,” said Dr. King. That was more than 48 hours before he talked to the media. 

“I haven’t stopped yet,” said Dr. King. Dr. King says all his patients are now alert and awake but he's not taking credit. 

“The entire system has been going non-stop.. I just can't say enough how proud of our team and our hospital,” said Dr. King. 

Dr. King says his patients won't just have scars like war veterans... They may also have to deal with the same kind of emotional problems - like anxiety or PTSD.



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