British public overwhelmingly opposed to Tony Blair's knighthood

British voters are overwhelmingly opposed to the decision to grant Tony Blair a knighthood, an opinion poll has found, with just 14 per cent of the public agreeing with the decision announced in the Queen's New Year honours. Rose Gentle, whose son Gordon died in 2004 said, "If Blair had decency, he would not accept the honour." 

It was found that 63 per cent of the British public were against the move to turn Tony Blair into Sir Tony Blair, while 41 per cent of the British public said they were strongly against the move. Families of British soldiers killed in Iraq have also threatened to return military medals, in response to Blair being made a knight.

The poll, by YouGov, comes after a petition to block the knighthood for the ex-Labour Party prime minister topped 600,000 signatures yesterday. Today, the petition is expected to climb beyond 700.000 signatures. A public inquiry into the Iraq War, the Chilcot Report, found Blair led the country into an "unnecessary war" with Iraq.  

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