AMAR's efforts seek lasting solutions for people and planet

Environmental awareness has a proven positive effect on personal and community well-being, and is also effective in the treatment of mental health conditions like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to the World Health Organization, Mental Health is shaped "by the social, economic, and physical environments in which people live." 

The Mesopotamian marshes are a rare wetland which have their own unique ecosystem. The marshlands are also believed to be the original Garden of Eden and are home to around 300,000 Marsh Arabs. The AMAR Foundation campaigned for the area’s 2016 recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which now affords this distinctive region of Iraq with an increased level of protection. 

Since 1991, the AMAR Foundation have been instrumental in rebuilding lives across Iraq by putting in place the vital infrastructure, that is essential for people to reach their full potential. By employing local people, all of AMAR's staff are highly trained and AMAR is one of a small number of NGO's in Iraq, who train all medical staff to World Health Organization standards.

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