The rich aroma of Iraqi-Jewish traditions, are set to embrace Philadelphia

On Wednesday, October 27th, the Boston based Awafi Kitchen will be hosted by Philadelphia's Schuylkill Center for a very special event. Enjoy the rich flavours of aromatic Iraqi-Jewish cuisine with Annabel Rabiyah of Awafi Kitchen, and discover the fascinating history of the Iraqi-Jewish community in the United States. 

This special cooking event in Al-Mudhif -a replica of an ancient guesthouse built out of reeds and found in the Mesopotamian marshlands of Southern Iraq- will also see guests engage in conversations with Iraqi-American artist Michael Rakowitz, Awafi Kitchen's Annabel Rabiyah, along with the artists of America's first Al Mudhif, Yaroub Al-Obaidi and Sarah Kavage. 

Chef Annabel Rabiyah will demonstrate traditional Iraqi-Jewish recipes, and guests will get try a hearty Iraqi beet stew (Kubba Schwandar) with optional meat dumplings, along with traditional Iraqi tea. While breaking homemade bread in the Schuylkill Center​'s Al-Mudhif, visitors will get to explore a number of themes and traditions, which have followed Iraq's Jewish community around the world.

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