Safeguarding children is essential work for Iraqi foundation

Since October 2020, the Iraqi Children Foundation's anti-trafficking program has been providing legal and psychosocial support to child victims of human trafficking. This includes survivors of sex trafficking, underage labor and the black market organ trade. 

The ICF are currently providing legal representation to victims of human trafficking through teams of specialized lawyers, who assist child victims in their legal cases. Representation starts from the investigation stage and ends with the legal pleading in court - in addition to the appeal of judgments made. 

Most victims of human trafficking in Iraq face charges of committing a crime but the Iraqi Children Foundation are working to change this. The ICF are strengthening the role of law enforcement institutions to properly address human trafficking issues, in accordance with international standards. 

The ICF provide added psychosocial assistance to victims of trafficking, to reduce any long-term psychological and physical harm to the children being supported. A team of specialized social workers also provide support to child survivors through regular and direct meetings with them. 

As thousands of children in Iraq remain in urgent need of assistance, your support for the Iraqi Children Foundation has never been more vital. For over ten years, the ICF have been working across Iraq, supporting the country's displaced and vulnerable children but you can show your support today.

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