Carol Isaacs to discuss the Farhud and The Wolf of Baghdad on BBC Radio

If you're up and atom this Sunday, tune in to BBC Radio 4, where Carol Isaacs will be speaking about the Farhud and her book The Wolf of Baghdad. Meaning the “violent dispossession”, the Farhud was a NAZI backed pogrom in Iraq, which took place on June 1 - 2 1941. 

From June 1940, the Vichy government had taken control of Syria and Lebanon and in 1941, having driven the British out of Libya, the Afrika Korps under General Rommel was camped along the Egyptian border and poised to thrust eastward to the Suez Canal. 

Like elsewhere, NAZI Germany's influence was present in Iraq, due to the German legation's presence in Baghdad as well as through influential National Socialist propaganda; which took the form of Arabic-language radio broadcasts from Berlin, Arabic newspapers and the funding of pro-NAZI organizations.

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