• June 10, 2018
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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Escaping Darkness is a specialist Mental Health service that was established by the AMAR Foundation, to support Yazidi women in Iraq, overcome the trauma of kidnap, sexual abuse and modern day slavery. 

The success of Escaping Darkness – has meant that AMAR has found the need to expand its services across Iraq - supporting victims of ISIS violence of all faiths – Yazidi, Muslims and Christians. 

In addition to supporting victims of ISIS violence, Escaping Darkness supports children who have been emotionally affected by conflict, through the provision of therapeutic activities such as chess, music, play therapy and art. 

In Manchester, England - we meet two people who support AMAR's Escaping Darkness. 

Andrew and everyone at Manchester's Ego├»ste Gallery - are supporting the AMAR Foundation's specialist PTSD service and Iraq's only national mental health service - Escaping Darkness. As AMAR's chairperson Baroness Emma Nicholson stated; "The horrendous suffering of Yazidi women and girls by Islamic State, should remain in the public consciousness forever." 

Debbie from Manchester has also given her support to the AMAR Foundation and their work with Escaping Darkness - which is providing Mental Health care to over 35.000 Iraqi Yazidi's. The AMAR Foundation has also called upon world religious leaders, to give "urgent" recognition to the Yazidi's and to help them rebuild their lives, after recent ISIS persecution.


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