• August 03, 2017
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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Fighting it out in a cage, Iraqi athletes compete in a Mixed Martial Arts championship in the country's capital, Baghdad. 

As the audience cheers, judges look on using a points system to evaluate the fighters in a number of categories including striking and defence. Tournaments see professional fighters fighting it out in the ring with players taking part in each competition. 

Events are held at the Yarmouk Leisure Club in western Baghdad. ''From such championships and with our personal efforts, we are able to achieve something simple at a world level and a high standard of organization." 

"Most of those who supervised the championships, have hailed and lauded such an accomplishment,'' said Raed Jameel, Chairman of Iraq's Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Committee. 

The full contact sport includes elements of wrestling, boxing as well as other martial art disciplines.Among the winning fighters was Mohammed Waheed, who said he hoped the sport will develop further in Iraq. 

''I hope that we will have an independent federation. This is a popular and famous sport. International media covers it more. This sport came to Iraq in 2011. I hope we will have an independent federation so that we can achieve international achievements,'' said 25-year old Waheed. 

Such sporting events are held by the Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship. 




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