• May 20, 2017
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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Melanie Minns is from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. Melanie recently took part in a fun run to support the AMAR Foundation’s work with young Yazidi women, who are part of Escaping Darkness - a specialist Post-Traumatic Stress service, which was established in Iraq by the AMAR Foundation. 

In this interview, Sherry Faharn speaks with Melanie about why she chose to join Team AMAR and support the AMAR Foundation in their mission to help the people of Iraq. 

Sherry: Hi Melanie, would you tell us a bit about yourself - where are you from and what inspired you to take part in a fun run for AMAR? 

Melanie: My name is Melanie Minns, I’m 45 and from Norfolk in the UK. I’ve been running for eight months and decided to take part in a sponsored run after watching a documentary about women affected by ISIS. 

Sherry: How long were you in training for this and have you taken part in any fun run for the AMAR Foundation before? 

Melanie: I’ve never run before and when l started in October, I could only run for a minute at a time. I’m recovering from having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so it was and still is a slow process for me. 

Sherry: Why did you choose the AMAR Foundation and what is it about the charity that inspires you to run for them? 

Melanie: After watching the documentary, l searched online to find a charity that worked specifically with the people and found the AMAR Foundation. I found their work so inspirational and that it helped people directly with such effect, that l knew they were the best charity to raise money for. 

Sherry: If you could share a message with the general public, motivating them to get involved with fundraising for Iraq and other good causes, what would your message be? 

Melanie: Put yourself in their shoes. We all have family that we love and care for. Nobody wants to see the level of suffering that the Iraqi people endure, experienced by their own families, so is it right that these families have to endure it? 

We are a global community and if we can make people aware, more will hopefully feel motivated to do something to combat the situation. 

Sherry: It is always an honour to hear from people supporting Iraqi and other Middle Eastern foundations. Can you say what motivates your interest in wanting to support the people of Iraq? 

Melanie: I wanted to reach out and help as one woman to another. No woman should have to suffer as they do and it saddens me greatly, to see how people in Iraq have been affected by these horrors. 

Although l hoped the amount l was going to raise, would have been significantly more, I aim to carry on and fundraise for AMAR and make people aware of the Iraqi peoples plight. 

We would like to thank Melanie for sharing her thoughts with us and you can join Melanie by helping to raise awareness on the situation in Iraq. The AMAR Foundation welcomes all people wishing to fund-raise in support of their work in Iraq and to get involved please contact: london@amarfoundation.org



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