• February 26, 2017
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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Join us for a night of film, discussions and poetry as we celebrate the relentless spirit of Iraqis worldwide that organize every day for an inclusive and equitable future for Iraq. 

For decades, Iraqis around the world have had to contend with the prospects of losing their very existence, both culturally and physically. 

Wars, Dictatorship, Sanctions and the aftermath of the American invasion of 2003 have had catastrophic effects on Iraqi civil society, whether inside the country or in the growing Diaspora. 

Despite the apocalyptic size of the death, displacement and destruction, communities worldwide continue to organize for a different Iraq.Let us shed light on these initiatives in an event that will inspire and empower everyone to work towards a different and better future for Iraq. 

Date: Tue 7 March 2017 
Time: 19:00 
Location: University of Westminster, Lecture Theatre G.03 12 Little Titchfield Street London W1W 7BY 

This event is free to attend and for further information, or to obtain your free tickets please click here



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