Migrant and Refugee Groups Condemn Violence Against Women

Over 100 refugee and migrant groups from around Europe have issued a statement condemning violence against women, whether the perpetrators are “nationals or foreigners”, following reports of attacks on women in Cologne recently. 

The groups say: 

"We, refugee and migrant communities settled in different EU countries, from different nationalities and backgrounds, strongly condemn the recent sexual attacks against women in Germany. We would like to express our sorrow and sympathy to the victims of these terrible attacks. 

We condemn any violence against women, be they nationals or foreigners, perpetrated by foreigners or nationals. Perpetrators should be prosecuted and convicted. It is crucial now to clarify and understand what happened so that people, in particular women, feel safe again, justice can be done, and further violence prevented. 

We did not flee violence there to accept it here. We think it is crucial to raise our voices now because we fear that the political and social consequences of what happened in Germany will deeply affect the reality for those societies who welcomed us and for the thousands of innocent people seeking refuge."

Download the full statement here

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