• May 17, 2014
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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UKIP is on course for a massive political upset with victory in the European elections in its sights, according to an exclusive Sky News/YouGov poll. 

The poll confirms that in recent weeks Nigel Farage's party has leaped ahead of Labour, with the Conservatives in third place and the Liberal Democrats lagging well behind. 

The poll, which was carried out last week, shows UKIP on 31%, while Labour has slipped back to its lowest YouGov showing in weeks on 25%. 

With both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats reasonably steady in the polls (the Sky News result shows Tories on 23%, Lib Dems 9%), the story of Labour voters switching to UKIP will alarm Ed Miliband and his advisers. 

The poll also shows that UKIP is capitalising on a lack of trust in the Westminster parties among the electorate. 

Overall just 22% of those asked said they trusted mainstream politicians - a devastating 72% said they did not. 

But the YouGov polling demonstrated that far from being confined to the UK, disenchantment with mainstream politics is a phenomenon that is sweeping the continent. 

Respondents to the poll in a range of European countries showed similar sentiments to those exhibited by UK voters. 

In Finland, 57% of people said they do not trust politicians; in Sweden 59%; Denmark 61% and Germany 70%. 

Voter dissatisfaction is strongest in France, where 78% of people said they do not trust politicians, leading to record levels of support for Marine le Pen's Front National. 

In short, the European elections are likely to result in a wave of success for minority and protest parties; and a massive slap in the face for Europe's political leaders.



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