Thirty-six mass graves containing more than 600 bodies have been found in northern-eastern Iraq over the last four years, a local rights group said Saturday.The graves were found in the province of Diyala that was gripped by bloody turmoil from 2006-2008, when armed groups took control of the area.Thirty-two of the graves contained the bodies of victims of terrorist attacks, Taleb al-Khazarji, the head of the non-governmental Iraq Organization for Human Rights, told the Alsumaria News website.

Three graves discovered in the provincial capital Baquba contained the bodies of insurgents with suspected links to al-Qaeda, while the remains of children allegedly killed by US soldiers were found in another grave north-east of the city, he said.The US withdrew from Iraq in December, nine years after leading the military intervention to oust Saddam Hussein who was then suspected of holding weapons of mass destruction.There has been no official comment on the report by the rights group.



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