Did you know that 2023 marks twenty years since the 2003 US/UK invasion of Iraq? Launched on the basis that Saddam Hussain's government possessed 'weapons of mass destruction', which could hit neighbouring countries in '45 minutes', the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq started a chain reaction of events, which can still be felt to this very day. 

Iraq20 is about having a meaningful conversation on Iraq and over the coming months we will be exploring the cause and affects of war. We will also be examining Iraqi history, what impact the post-2003 democracy has had on ordinary people, along with giving attention to those who are still committed to rebuilding people's lives. 

Using the hashtag #Iraq20, you can get involved on Social Media by describing your experiences with Iraq over the past twenty years. You can also get involved by supporting one of our chosen charities where you can assist them with their work. Your solidarity will help them to support people with a shared experience of war in Iraq.

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