Get close to nature with your own Iraqi garden

Check out The Iraqi Seed Collective, which includes the Awafi Kitchen in the USA; who specialize in Iraqi-Jewish cuisine and talking about their Middle Eastern heritage. The aim is to create an Iraqi seed library and to uplift Iraq's ancient cultures by embracing the power of nature. 

The Iraqi Seed Collective is made up of people from different Iraqi backgrounds and is devoted to preserving the legacy of Iraqi crops, by collecting seeds and making them available to interested gardeners. The Iraqi Seed Collective are also looking for experienced seed savers in the United States, along with people of Iraqi heritage who would be interested in joining them to develop this fascinating approach to cultural preservation. 

The Baker Creek Seed Store specialize in two types of heirloom seeds from Iraq and these include the Bateekh Samara Melon and the Ali Baba Watermelon among their listings. The Bateekh Samara Melon is known to have been grown in the Abbasid period over one thousand years ago, while the Ali Baba Watermelon has received praise among Baker Creek customers, as being "the best tasting watermelon.” 

Poppies are annual plants with some seedlings germinating in the period when soil is cultivated or disturbed. Between April and June there is rapid growth, and the first flowers usually appear in June. The peak of the flowering season is July and August, though some plants continue to flower into September. 

California poppies bring a vivid splash of colour to the garden. Their cheery, funnel-shaped flowers open whenever the sun shines, in shades of orange, coral, pink, red, yellow, ivory or white. California poppies also hold therapeutic benefits, as they are symbolic of and can be used in the treatment of mental health conditions like PTSD.

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