Woman, life and freedom for Iraq’s Yazidi women

To mark Women’s History Month, we’d like to remind readers of two incredible British based organizations who are working with the Yazidi community in Iraq. In August 2014, hundreds of thousands of Yazidis were forced to abandon their homes and livelihoods in Sinjar, northern Iraq, after the area was attacked by ISIS militants. 

Since 2014, the AMAR International Charitable Foundation has been working across Iraq to provide healthcare and education in Yazidi IDP camps. AMAR also runs the Escaping Darkness programme, which provides psychosocial care to women and girls who have survived ISIS captivity. 

In 2018 Husna signed up for a project called Boxing Sisters. An NGO called the Lotus Flower had initiated it and the purpose was to improve the mental and physical health of refugee women. The Lotus Flower also offers a pallet of educational activities, aimed at supporting women to gain their independence.

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