Basra's famous date syrup invokes Iraq's ancient tastes

Dates are among the oldest cultivated fruits in the world. The Babylonians are known to have cultivated this fruit some 8,000 years ago. Dates grow on date palms, which were once considered to be the “tree of life”. 

In ancient times, every part of the date palm was used: the buds and fruits were consumed or dried and ground into flour, the fibers were utilized for weaving and even the date kernels were used in animal feed. 

Because not all dates are suitable for consumption, those dates were preserved and processed into syrup. Ancient cuneiform scripts from Mesopotamia, refer to date syrup as the most important sweetener of the time. 

Today, date syrup is regaining popularity as the alternative sweetener. Date syrup is often used for breakfast, in cakes and desserts. Date syrup is also distinctive because of its rich taste and high quality.

Basra Date Syrup can be found in many specialist stores and on the shelves of supermarkets across the United Kingdom. Basra is also the second largest city in Iraq and was considered to be the Venice of the Middle East. 

Across Britain, many Iraqi's start their day with a delicious mix of oatmeal, blueberries, walnuts and Basra Date Syrup. Others entertain the kids by including Basra Date Syrup in their recipes, when making homemade delicacies like gingerbread cookies

A jar of Basra Date Syrup will definitely make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas. Not only will a jar of Basra Date Syrup make a distinctive present for a loved one, it will also bring the taste of ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia into their home.

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