AMAR shines the light for mental health care in Iraq

Aveen is a Yazidi teenager, who is now living in a secure Displaced Person Camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. She was a child when she was forced to leave her home because of ISIS/Da’esh, thus, Aveen grew up in an IDP camp. 

The trauma of leaving her home at an early age has resulted in serious psychological issues which were further amplified by the hardships of living in an IDP camp. Aveen is now a teenager studying in middle school. 

In the camp in which she stays, the AMAR Foundation has been on the frontline since 2014, delivering healthcare services to the camp’s residents. AMAR’s doctors and health volunteers have been serving with maximum effort to overcome the health issues in the camp. 

Following a visit to AMAR’s doctors, it was evident that Aveen was suffering from an inability to interact with others and a constant feeling of isolation, which were indeed results of a trauma caused by ISIS. 

Following numerous visits and hours of psychological support, remarkable progress was observed. She can now establish longer and healthier social relations and the feeling of isolation has been deteriorating from the start of treatment sessions. 

AMAR believes that mental health is crucial for the well-being of IDPs living in camps. The AMAR Foundation's doctors and volunteers continue working tirelessly to identify and treat health issues faced by camp residents. 

There are many others like Aveen whom AMAR’s doctors have been treating. Through the kind support of donors, AMAR aims to continue to help Yazidis and other IDPs who are indeed in need of help.

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