German Syrian and Iraqi Members of Parliament elected for the first time

The latest German elections have brought all kinds of changes to the German political scene. Not only does it feature the departure of Angela Merkel after 16 years, but it also showed major progress to leftist parties and many new members being elected from immigrant backgrounds. 

While it remains unclear which political party will be able to form a government coalition first, the 2021 Bundestag elections have reflected several changes in German society, including the win of four new MP's of Middle Eastern heritage. 

1. Rasha Nasr 

Born in Dresden to a Syrian immigrant family, Rasha graduated from the TU Dresden with a BA in political science and philosophy before becoming active in the Social Democratic Party. 

2. Kassem Taher Saleh 

The 28-year old civil engineer lived in the Iraqi-Kurdish city of Zakho before his family moved to Plauen, Vogtland where he grew up. He is a member of the Green party. 

3. Reem Alabali-Radovan 

Representing the winning Social Democratic Party of Germany, Reem comes from Iraqi-Kurdish origins. She was born in Moscow in 1990 and studied political science at the Free University of Berlin. She is also a boxing enthusiast who fought with Box Girls Berlin for many years. 

 4. Lamya Kaddor 

The 43-year old German scholar of Islamic studies was born near the city of Münster to Syrian parents. She has been a teacher of Islamic education in several schools and has published the first German Qur'an translation for children and adults. Lamya won her seat representing the Green party. 

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