Greece’s national library to include thousands of Kurdish works

Books by Kurdish authors will soon be counted among the over one million works at the National Library of Greece as the library plans to open a new section featuring the Kurdish language. 

The Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Culture and Youth said this week that Greece’s main library had decided to include Kurdish authors in its vast collection. 

There will be 1,000 print books and the same number in digital form, ministry spokesperson Nameeq Hawrami told Kurdistan 24 on Thursday. The ministry has asked Kurdish writers to submit their works – physical or digital – to be considered for the collection. 

Authors are free to submit books on any topic, although the ministry said geography, history, and literature are the most desirable. “We want to tell our history and culture through our books to the Greek audience,” Hawrami said. 

The Greek Library, established in 1832, contains more than a million titles, along with a collection of handwritten Greek manuscripts dating back to the 9th Century. The library also offers digital access to its collection. 

Hawrami said the library, located near the capital Athens, is also planning to translate classical Greek literature into Kurdish. The move comes as Erbil and Athens continue to expand cultural and trade ties after Greece upgraded its diplomatic relations with the Kurdistan Region in 2018. 

by Halgurd Sherwani

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