Iraq war documentary wins Bafta TV Award

Iraqi documentary Once Upon a Time in Iraq, directed by James Bluemel and narrated by Andy Serkis, has won the BAFTA TV Award for the Best Factual Series. It is a five-part documentary that aired on BBC Two in July 2020. 

The series chronologically charts the war, from the 2003 invasion by United States coalition forces, to the subsequent insurgency and the eventual rise and fall of the Islamic State (IS) group a decade later. It features a wide range of people involved in the conflict, including American soldiers and Iraqi civilians. 

Among the latter was Um Qusay, a celebrated humanitarian who detailed how she helped scores of people escape persecution from IS militants. The programme also interviewed several journalists who covered the war, including historian Omar Mohammed, whose Mosul Eye blog documented daily atrocities committed in the city of Mosul while under IS rule. 

The series humanised the Iraq war and gave a platform to voiceless Iraqis, whose stories have been buried by the destruction of the conflict. The documentary captures the experiences of Iraqis through the chaos, poverty and sectarian wars they endured by giving them the chance to talk about their personal memories. 

Once Upon a Time in Iraq is a Keo Films Ltd. production for WGBH/FRONTLINE and BBC. The executive producers for Keo Films are Andrew Palmer and Will Anderson.

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