Italy supports rehabilitation services for Iraq's disabled

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has welcomed a contribution of 500,000 euros from the Government of Italy to support the rehabilitation services for people who suffered disabilities as a result of the conflict in Mosul. 

This needed funding will help to establish a prosthetic and rehabilitation centre in Hamdaniya district south-east Mosul. The ten-month project aims to provide over 450 people including 50 under five and 300 above five years old children with specialised medical care and rehabilitation services. 

The newly established centre will streamline the identification and treatment plans of patients in need of prosthesis in Ninewa Governorate. This will ensure better case management and medical follow up procedures. 

Recent national health statistics indicate the presence of approximately 4800 amputation cases in Mosul requiring urgent attention and care to help them in attaining a better quality of life. The national capacity to deliver trauma, prosthetic, and rehabilitation services to victims of the conflict in Mosul remains limited. 

Currently, the Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre in Suleimaniya is the only active centre in the country specialised in physiotherapy and the production of upper and lower limbs in addition to walking aids/orthopaedic devices for persons with disabilities. 

This centre has been receiving Mosul victims in need of prosthesis and rehabilitation care referred from Erbil Emergency Hospital. “The conflict in Mosul has affected tens of thousands of people who are in need of specialised rehabilitation services,” said Altaf Musani, WHO Representative in Iraq. 

“The establishment of this rehabilitation centre will ensure the availability of postoperative, post-traumatic, and rehabilitation services for amputees. In addition, such centres will help in ensuring a better quality of life and in reducing social exclusion and enhancing social integration in their own communities,” he added.



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