Iraqi Red Crescent receive more than 6000 at Hasan Al-Sham camp

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has received more than 6000 displaced people inside Mosul city, they have been sheltered at Hasan Al-Sham camp east of Mosul at the beginning of this year . 

The IRCS has reported "The IRCS`s teams have recorded the entrance of 6167 displaced, they have been sheltered at Hasan Al-Sham camps which shelters more than 34,000 displaced till now, from different areas of Mosul city’. 

The statement has noted that the IRCS`s teams who are deployed at the camps have distributed more than 7500 ready food meals and more than 1600 food parcels, adding to distribute relief assistance including blankets, clothes, stoves and other relief materials’’. 

On the other hand, the IRCS`s health teams have provided psychosocial, first aid, treatment and health services to all the displaced families, adding to organize field visits for the displaced inside Hasan Al-Sham camps in order to raise their spirit and help them to live in the camps .


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