• September 22, 2016
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday reiterated that an apt response to the escalating refugee crisis is a collective global responsibility. His Majesty made his remarks at the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees, co-hosted by the US, Jordan, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Ethiopia. 

The summit aimed at determining a set of measures meant to deal more effectively with the Syrian refugee crisis and its repercussions whether on the refugees themselves or host countries. In his speech at the meeting, His Majesty underlined three points related to the refugee burden. 

The first point he raised was the “vital importance of basing our actions on the reality of the situation, not simply our wishes or expediency”. 

The King underlined Jordan’s long and first hand knowledge of this very complex issue that it outed at the disposal of the participants in the meeting. After listing the facts about Jordan’s response to the refugee crisis and its impact on the country, he stressed that “such a situation is plainly unsustainable. 

And yet, all countries agree that the Syrian refugee crisis will be with us all for years to come, and a sustainable solution is key”. 

He noted that Jordan has put forward an effective, sustainable, development-driven plan to support hosts and refugees alike, with an approach that builds on international partnership, trade, and investment to create opportunities and income that both Jordanians and Syrians need. 

The second point is the need to work as a team. “The refugee crisis requires not just commitment but follow-through. Any effective, development-based, longer-term solution will need to engage host countries; donors; the private sector as well. Shortfalls in funding, lack of participation, will undermine shared goals,” he said. 

“My final point is that a truly sustainable solution should begin by safeguarding Syrian women and children from being used by Daesh and other terrorist organisations, which are manipulating human trafficking and taking advantage of the movement of displaced groups. 

It is imperative that the international community steps up to help and provide support for Syrians inside Syria, and not wait till the refugee crisis further aggravates,” 

His Majesty concluded. My friends, Jordan has done much and remains committed to doing the right thing. I hope we all do the same. I look forward to the success of our summit.



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