International Conference in Iraq for Reconstruction of Liberated Areas

An international conference launched on Monday in Baghdad for the reconstruction of the liberated areas in Iraq. When Tikrit was liberated over a year ago, an international donation fund was established in Switzerland.  

Iraqi PM economic advisor Mazhar Mohammed Saleh told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that a fair and a convention will launch Monday in Baghdad International Fairground under the patronage of the prime minister and fund to reconstruct liberated areas, with the participation of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and many other ministries and international and local organizations. 

He explained that over 50 foreign and Arab countries will participate in the fair and the convention representing local and international companies. Saleh added that of the participants are Germany, Japan, United States, China, France, and Italy as well as Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates and Jordan.

He said that local governments of Baghdad, Mosul, Saladin, Anbar, Diyalah, Babel and Kirkuk will also partake in the fair. Anbar deputy governor Ali Farhan told Asharq al-Awsat that the reconstruction of areas liberated from ISIS in Anbar alone will cost around $22 billion. 

Specialized committees also estimated that the destruction in Ramadi reached 80% prompting the Iraqi parliament to announce it a distressed city. Farhan added that there are over 50 bridges in the city that had been completely destroyed. 

He also stated that many of the hospitals, buildings, schools and infrastructure are destructed. The deputy governor said that up until now, the local government hadn’t been able to remove a lot of the debris given its high costs and the current financial crisis in the country. 

by Munaf al Obeidi

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