Mandaic Calligraphy Exhibition Now Open in Australia

I am really grateful to Sherry, a member of my longstanding Mandaean-Iraqi family, for introducing me to Yuhana Nashmi, who is the artist behind the remarkable new exhibition, Mandaic Calligraphy and Painting: Inner Light Through an Ancient Alphabet, which is now open in the city of Liverpool in Australia. 

Mandaic calligraphy is a unique style of art inspired by the ancient alphabet, which comes from an eastern dialect of Aramaic, the ancient language of Jesus Christ and which is still found spoken in Churches across Iraq. 
The Mandaic dialect is spoken by very few people in the world, with this unique and endangered language holding many dimensions that are often unrecognised to people on the outside. It is not only a form of communication but a language of symbolism and deep spiritual meaning. 

The exhibition is running until the 11/9/2016 and is on display to the public, at the Liverpool City Library in Australia. I would absolutely love it, if any of my online friends could pay a visit, share with us their experiences and maybe even post a couple of selfies, with this one of a kind exhibition.

by Hussein Al-alak, editor of Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)

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