Mandaic Calligraphy and Painting: Inner Light Through an Ancient Alphabet

Mandaic calligraphy is a unique style of art inspired by ancient alphabet. The Mandaic alphabet comes from an eastern dialect of Aramaic. Mandaic is spoken by very few people in the world and is endangered in its homelands of Iraq and Iran, due to political and social instability. 

The endangered language holds many dimensions that come unrecognized; it is not only a form of communication but a language of symbolism and deep spiritual meaning. Indigenous languages have suffered a long history of persecution. 

Therefore by collectively and consciously taking the time to appreciate and admire the rare native tongues such as Mandaic will bestow a deeper sense of indigenous cultural awareness. Artist Yuhana Nashmi believes language diversity can be preserved through the expression of art and calligraphy. 

Yuhana Nashmi developed this artistic style after many years practicing and reflecting on the light, beauty, peace and harmony of these forgotten letters. Yuhana Nashmi conveys the meaning of what an alphabet can create through his abstract form of art and self expression. Inner Light Through an Ancient Alphabet will be the first Mandaic art expedition to take place. 

It is also a symbolic representation of other minority languages threatened with demise. The event launch falls on the 18th August 2016, the opening include a unique range of middle eastern musicians and a rare short poetic video. 

"Through this art exhibition and its theme, I want to bring attention to the beautiful aspects of the old Mandaean culture through the Mandaic alphabet as a unique form of symbolic interaction. I tried to reproduce this culture through my own experience and the cultural web of significance. 

This culture is part of our world human culture and here we should continue to celebrate all cultures with the host of our indigenous culture of Australia" Yuhana said. 

This exhibition is open to the public from 9/8/2016 and runs until 11/9/2016.  
Venue: Top Floor Exhibition - Liverpool City Library, Australia.

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