Comment: Manchester History Festival

I took these pictures of the welcoming committee for the Manchester History Festival, which was held at the Manchester Town Hall on the 11/6/2016. Despite the rain and humidity, people came along to see the many information stalls and listen to a wide range of talks, on the various aspects of Mancunian life through the ages. 

The British northern city of Manchester, is historically known for many things, as it was founded by the Roman Empire. The city developed the first steam engine, gave birth to the Industrial Revolution and was also where Karl Marx and Engels wrote many of their works, including the classic text Conditions of the Working Class in England. 

Over the years, Manchester has also been the home of many Migrant communities, including Italians, Arabs, Irish and Caribbeans. The grandfather of the famous World War One poet Siegfried Sassoon, also first came to Manchester from Basra, Iraq, as a result of the booming cotton trade. 

by Hussein Al-alak, editor of Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)

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