UK Reader's Support for Iraq Grows

In response to information provided on Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra), readers have informed us, that news published on the website, has motivated them to donate and support leading British charities, for their roles which directly help the Iraqi people. 

The charities most readers have shown their support for, includes Aid to the Church in Need, the AMAR International Foundation, the British Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders

Readers have informed Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra), which is run by the British based Iraq Solidarity Campaign, that reasons for donations to these charities includes: 

Direct assistance to those fleeing persecution from the Islamic State (Daesh). 

Support for medical and psychiatric assistance to Iraqi’s displaced by violence. 

Recognition of the educational needs and emotional requirements of young people caught up in violence. 

The direct involvement of the Iraqi people in assessing their own needs, with the assistance of international monetary support. 

Along with donations, readers have also provided positive feed back on the roles of the organisations, which has included: 

Having direct contact through electronic, telephone and personal correspondence with the charities. 

The ability to maintain support for the charities, through the use of social media. 

Praised the indiscriminate (non-sectarian) roles of the charities in the provision of aid relief. 

The consistency and commitment of the organisations, to the various needs of the Iraqi people. 
In response to the situation faced by the international community towards the Refugee Crisis, readers have also informed us, that concerns for the issues which have arisen in Europe as a direct result, have motivated them to show support for: 

Doctors of the World UK, for their role in the provision of medical support to residents in the Calais based “Jungle” camp. 

The Anne Frank Trust for their role challenging prejudice/discrimination (including Anti-Islamic and Anti-Migrant sentiments) in the UK. 

CARITAS Europe for their role in welcoming refugees, advocacy and publicising personal experiences, which demonstrates the reasons for people fleeing their native countries. 

This report has been compiled by the Iraq Solidarity Campaign UK. If you have any comments to make, then please do not hesitate to get in-touch through the contact section on this website.

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