Moomin books in Arabic are donated for asylum seekers in Finland

Although Moomin books are written in 1945-1970, all their themes are somehow topical everyday. Now when Europe has the largest humanitarian crisis since the second World War, Finnish company Ahti Vesalainen Oy has devised an idea – to donate copies of Tove Jansson’s Moominland Midwinter books in Arabic for the asylum seekers in Finland. 

Several other Finnish companies, including Moomin licensee Finlayson, will also take part in the book campaign. Important values such as equality, respect towards the nature and other people as well as helping where the help is needed are one of the themes in the story Moominland Midwinter. 

The book donations represents the aim of familiarising with the Finnish culture via a story familiar for Finns. Of course also learning Finnish is important for immigrants, but before a foreign language is learned, the immigrants can get to now the Finnish culture with the help of the Moomin story in their own language.

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