• June 27, 2015
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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A Kurdish Yazidi girl has told the traumatic story of her survival whilst held captive by Islamic State (IS) militants. 

The girl, who chose to remain anonymous, was invited by Kurdish Yazidi and Christian communities in The Netherlands. 

She spoke about her experience living with hundreds of desperate Yazidi women and children who were kidnapped by IS in August last year. She revealed that she spent 87 days under the control of the militants and witnessed rape, torture and murder. 

She has officially filed a case against IS for crimes committed against Yazidis in Mosul, Sinjar and the Nineveh valley in northern Iraq. 

The Yazidi girl, who is in her late teens, didn’t reveal the trauma she was subjected to, but called on international players to make an effort to find five members of her family who have been missing since August. 

Speaking to BasNews she revealed that she wished to become the voice of the hundreds of Yazidi people still living under the control of IS in Mosul and surrounding areas. 

She said that the international community must do more to free kidnapped Yazidi women and children, who have been subjected to violations by the jihadists. 

IS overran the Yazidi majority town of Sinjar last August and thousands of Yazidis were kidnapped or killed by the militants, with many more fleeing to the Kurdistan Region.



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