• February 05, 2014
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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A British Muslim who went to Syria to fight with a notorious gang of jihadists has been shot dead. 

Abu Layth al-Khorasani is thought to have been leading a British battalion of the ISIS, or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. 

He is believed to have taken on his name after arriving in Afghanistan but originally came from a town in the Midlands. 

His killing was revealed by a British comrade known as Abu Hafs, who said he fought in the same battle. 

He said: “May Allah accept our brother @khorasani_ MashaAllah Beautiful brother that left this dunya Insha Allah hes now a Bird in jannah ALLAHO AKBAR.” 

Islamist scholars believe jihadists live in the afterlife as birds. 

Asked about how he died, Hafs added: “i dont really know when cuz we attacked from different sides.” 

There are thought to be 600 Brits fighting in Syria. 

Brothers Akram and Mohamed Sebah, of Holloway, North London, also died while fighting there last month. 

ISIS has been blamed for extreme violence against other Islamist groups, Kurds and President Bashar al-Assad’s brutal regime. 

MI5 is concerned about radicalised Muslim jihadists coming home to Britain trained by ISIS in weapons and bomb-making. 

National security expert Margaret Gilmore said: “It is one of the biggest threats to national security this decade.” 

Al-Khorasani posted his last tweet near the northern town of Al-Raii on Thursday. 

Heavy fighting there between rival Islamist groups was reported there on Sunday. 

By David Collins



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