• April 02, 2011
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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The dean of Baghdad University’s Medical College was silenced by an explosive device attached to his car.Medical Professor Mohammed Al-Alwan was a top Iraqi surgeon and his murder sends a signal that Iraqi intellectuals are still in danger of either being assassinated or kidnapped.

Killings of senior officials, and particularly army and security officers have surged in Baghdad and other major cities.Attacks, mainly carried out by silencer guns, have had army officers and security officials as their target.But the killing of Professor Alwan is reminiscent of attacks targeting university professors in the past few years.

Thousands of Iraqi university professors and scientists have fled the country, fearing for their lives.The recent relative quiet had persuaded some of them to return home.But the murder of Professor Alwan would make those still in exile think twice before deciding on a return journey home.



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