War Anniversary Spurs Protests

The Iraq War Anniversary was marked by protests in cities throughout the USA this Saturday. Rallies were aimed at ending US military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan which have been planned at the White House as well as in cities around the country, according to an AP report.

On this, the eighth anniversary of the start of US combat operations in Iraq, organizers point out that recent polling shows two-thirds of Americans do not believe the war in Afghanistan is worth fighting.In Washington, protesters turned their attention to Quantico Marine Corps Base, where Army Private Bradley Manning is being held amid suspicion he provided classified US military documents to the website Wikileaks.

Similar rallies have taken place in late March for the past several years as public opinion sours on what have become lengthy engagements for US forces. From Bangor, Maine to Santa Barbara, California, rallygoers, often led by veterans, are quick to point out the cost to taxpayers. “We want to foreclose these wars, not our homes. We want to rebuild our America. We want schools, jobs and a safe infrastructure.” said Mary Johnston Vice President of Veterans for Peace.

For many, however, the focus remained on the human cost. "We want to bring attention to the fact that we still have 50,000 troops and more than 100,000 private mercenaries still in Iraq. It's time to bring this war to an end," said Richard Fischer, a peace activist from Iowa, in anticipation of today's rally in Dubuque.

Adam Smit


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