International terrorist group Al Qaeda in Iraq issued a threat to carry out attacks against Iraqi Christians. They demanded the release of two women who claimed to be detained by the Egyptian Coptic Church, was released. The threat was issued by the group The Islamic State of Iraq, in a commonly used website on Tuesday 21 December. Website itself is commonly used by militant groups, to spread the threat. So reported the Associated Press on Wednesday (12/22/2010).

This group issued a threat against the Christian citizens of Iraq, after the claims of the Egyptian militant group that claimed there were two women detained by the Egyptian Coptic Church. The Church is considered forcing both women to embrace converts to Christianity. Threat message is also addressed to the Iraqi Christian community to put pressure on the Egyptians.

Such threats are already supposed to be the Iraqi Government’s attention, considering that this group had previously been behind a series of terror attacks in Iraq. One of the attacks carried out by groups affiliated to Al Qaeda was the invasion of a church in Baghdad some time ago. Approximately 68 people were reported killed. This attack sparked 1,000 families displaced Iraqi Christians out of Iraq.

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