• July 16, 2017
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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When ISIS took control of Mosul and declared its caliphate in 2014, militants ransacked the city's university and burned down its library, destroying hundreds of thousands of books and manuscripts. 

The central library at the university, contained thousands of books in Arabic and English, historic maps and periodicals from the Ottoman era, along with ancient Islamic manuscripts, including a ninth-century Qur'an. 

In Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, street markets have been organised to sell books, where locals have bought and donated towards replenishing the new Mosul library. 

The global response has also been amazing! People have donated over 10.000 books to Mosul, from countries such as Australia, Europe and the United States. Organisers aim to collect 200,000 books for the reopening of the library.



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