Iraqi Christians Visit Poland for World Youth Day 2016

I’ve been delighted to see warmth and hospitality extended, to over 200 Iraqi young people, Bishops, Priests and Nuns, who are at the World Youth Day celebrations in Krakow, Poland. 

Supported by organisations, including my friends at Aid to the Church in Need and CARITAS, the Iraqi delegation have joined over one million people in the Eastern European city, to celebrate their faith in the Christian Church. 

Many of the Iraqi young people in Krakow, have experienced a variety of recent trauma’s, when in 2014 they were forcibly displaced from cities like Mosul and even now, face the continued risk of terrorism by the self-declared Islamic State. 

Whilst in Poland, these young people have been able to express their faith and practice their Christian beliefs, in an atmosphere free from persecution. They have also had the opportunity to meet others of their age groups and explore their faith with the global clergy. 

Along with meeting people from around the world, these dynamic young people from Iraq, have been able to discuss fresh idea’s, socialise, explore new approaches to conflict resolution and through the use of Social Media, will get to nurture new friendships made. 

by Hussein Al-alak, editor of Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra). You can read more by Hussein on his blog or follow him at @TotallyHussein on Twitter.

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