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In this conversation with Liz McRae, Hussein Al-alak hears about the efforts which the Iraqi Children Foundation have been undertaking, during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. Liz McRae is the Executive Director of the Iraqi Children Foundation.

Regular reader's will be familiar with the story of The Wolf of Baghdad by Carol Isaacs. Through Carol's graphic memoir, The Wolf of Baghdad has introduced new people to a 20th century experience by Iraq's Jewish community, which is known to the world as The Farhud. 

Articles from 2020

In May 2005, the UN announced that Iraq was "about to become a transit station for heroin", where after being "manufactured in Afghanistan is heading towards Europe through neighbouring Iran". Read Confronting the Traumatic Fallout of War in Iraq on the Iraq Business News. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and around the world, people are taking those first steps in support of Iraq's children. In this conversation, Hussein Al-alak speaks with Liz McRae about this month long journey and to also encourage you, to go on the road for the children of Iraq. Read Road to Baghdad -- a Journey of Hope for Iraqi Children on the Iraq Business News. 

In our last conversation with Carol Isaacs, Hussein Al-alak spoke with the London based author, about her graphic memoir The Wolf of Baghdad. In this latest conversation with Carol, we explore the role that music plays in her graphic memoir, along with the incredible contributions of other Iraqi-Jewish musicians. Read In conversation with Carol Isaacs, discovering new musical traditions on Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra).

In this conversation, Hussein Al-alak talks to Liz McRae of the US-Iraq based Iraqi Children Foundation. As global attention is focussed on the Covid-19 Pandemic, we hear a first hand account of the work taking place, to safeguard the welfare of Iraq's future generations. Read In conversation with Liz McRae and the Iraqi Children Foundation on Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra).

In this conversation, Hussein Al-alak sits down with London based artist Carol Isaacs, who has had her first book The Wolf of Baghdad published by Myriad Editions. Since its publication, The Wolf of Baghdad has also been turned into an animated film. Read In conversation with Carol Isaacs and The Wolf of Baghdad on Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra).  

Join Hussein Al-alak in conversation with Matthew Stiffler of the Detroit based Arab American National Museum. The AANM provides the largest tribute to the historic and current achievements of America's Arab community. We also welcome feedback from visitors to the museum. Read For Arab Americans, history is made through community experience on Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra).

Articles from 2019 

To mark World Book Day, the UK-based charity, the AMAR International Charitable Foundation published these photographs from their school in Basra, Iraq. Each uplifting image demonstrates how AMAR is making positive changes to the lives of Iraqi children, through the power of the written word. Read All About It! The humble book is helping rebuild lives in Iraq on Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra). 

Articles from 2018 

Like most competitors, Manchester’s Hussein Al-Alak has his own unique training routine for the Manchester 10k.He begins with a cup of coffee in the morning, followed by a cigarette, prays for the best, tells himself it’s raining, then pulls on his trainers and gets out the door. While not a serious athlete as such – “I like to walk, a fast walk,” he says – Hussein is deadly serious about helping make a difference in Iraq. Read Running for AMAR on the AMAR Foundation's website.

Articles from 2016

The 2003 Iraq invasion and occupation left at least 500,000 dead, scattered refugees to the wind and threw the region into chaos. Yet as Sir John Chilcot delivers his long-delayed Iraq Inquiry report, the silence of Iraqis themselves is deafening. Read and watch Chilcot's forgotten witnesses on Russia Today.

Articles from 2009

THEY have been neighbours for ten years, but Natasha Pinnock and Hussein Al-Alak only recently discovered they were fighting against the same enemy on different sides of the same war. Natasha, 25, is a lance corporal in the Territorial Army’s 42 Signal Squadron based in Rusholme. Read Neighbours brought together in war in the Manchester Evening News.

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